Winter peaks

In winter time the mountains are very different than snowfree part of the year. Peaks in winter conditions are really something wonderful. Gain , of course, on the severity, as some of them become real climbing ascents. This means that we will move and rope up as we would go on a real serious winter climb . Some of the possible peaks :

  • Triglav (2884m)
  • Grossglockner (3798m)
  • Jalovec (2645m) – Slovenian Matterhorn
  • Oltar
  • Rokavi
  • Škrlatica (2740m)
  • Kukova špica (2427m) – easiest but magnificent winter climb
  • Široka peč
  • Skuta(2532m)
  • Grintavec(2558m)
  • …and more


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